Community Outcry: SushiSwap Team Accused Of Plotting To Kill DAO And Seize Treasury

The decentralized exchange (DEX) and automated market maker (AMM) protocol SushiSwap has been at the center of a significant controversy as users and a former associate express their opposition to proposed governance changes. 

The controversial proposal aims to transfer assets from the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)-controlled treasury to a new entity called “Sushi Labs,” while redirecting all future airdrops to the new body instead of the DAO. These developments have raised concerns about community involvement and transparency within SushiSwap.

SushiSwap Faces Backlash Over Proposed Changes

The proposed governance changes put forward by the exchange request a grant of 25 million Sushi tokens to be awarded to Sushi Labs, including assets from various sources such as the Arbitrum (ARB) airdrop, business development, partner grants, Kanpai 2.0, Sushi 2.0, rewards, stablecoins, and “Sushi House” funds. 

Sushi Labs would become the sole beneficiary of future airdrops awarded to Sushi by protocols and partners. However, discrepancies have been noted regarding the wallet holdings mentioned in the proposal, which has led to further scrutiny.

The Sushi DAO had previously approved a ballot window to establish a baseline legal entity structure. However, as the project’s needs evolve, the proposal’s proponents argue that updating the organizational structure is critical. 

They emphasize the importance of competent legal guidance to represent Sushi’s global presence effectively. The proposal also aims to empower Sushi Labs with full operational responsibility for core product development, seeking to streamline decision-making processes.

Faced with these developments, Naïm Boubziz, a former member of SushiSwap, has accused the company of carrying out a real “hostile takeover.” 

Decentralized Governance Under Scrutiny

In a series of damning social media posts, Naïm Boubziz has unleashed scathing criticism against SushiSwap’s head chef, Jared Grey. Boubziz accuses Jared of plotting to “kill the community” and the DAO while aiming to seize 100% of the treasury. Expressing disappointment, Boubziz claims to have issued warnings for months, but his concerns were ignored under “false pretenses.”

Boubziz further alleges that snapshots were deleted without a proper reaction and accuses the community of turning a blind eye to the truth. Highlighting the claim of a “hostile takeover” previously made by Jared, Boubziz asserts that their actions were meant to prevent the very scenario that is currently unfolding. 

Boubziz also argues that the current governance structure employed by SushiSwap requires updates and stresses the importance of community involvement. However, Boubziz further noted: 

… deep down you know exactly what is happening and what happened. The facts speak for themselves. It’s over for Sushiswap.

These explosive accusations place SushiSwap at a critical crossroads as the governance proposal controversy deepens. The rift between those advocating for community involvement and supporters of the proposed changes has intensified, raising concerns about the project’s future. 

So far, about 93% of participants have voted “no” in the ongoing signal vote on a controversial governance proposal for SushiSwap. Despite the overwhelming opposition, a second vote is scheduled for April 9th to determine whether the proposal will be implemented.

The daily chart shows SUSHI’s price trending downwards over the past month. Source: SUSHIUSD on

The exchange’s native token, SUSHI, is presently trading at $1.59, reflecting a continued downtrend over the past month with a decline of 12%.

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